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Use the "links" button if you want to recommend a link or want to see links that are recommended by others.

Links Page

Here you can find a lot of things, for instance: Free Christian books, Bible studies, Cults/false teachings, Religious cartoons etc.

Evangelical Outreach.

A link to a site with more free books.

More free books (

On line books.

I was a flaky preacher.

Here's a link to a ministry I like to read articles from.
You can read books on-line or down-load books (all free).
It is also possible to subscribe to a free newsletter.

Midnight Cry Ministries

Revival links.

New Zealand Revival Bulletin.

Great Revivalists.

The Bible.

Search the Bible 1 (choose language)

Search the Bible 2

Bible audio.

Audio Sermons and Bible Teaching (updated frequently).

Photo impressions of Bible places.

Bible places.

Religious movements.

Here you can find information about a lot of religious movements.

Apologetics research resources on religious cults and sects.

Apologetics research.

The mark of the beast. A long article, but verry interesting.

The mark of the beast.

The Premillennial Deception.

The Premillennial Deception.


Evolutionary Creationism

50 reasons to leave your faith in evolution.

Answering Genesis.

The Startling Truth about Neanderthal Man (by Dr. Jack Cuozzo).

Suggest a site to the 'Evolution top site list' (verificated before it is shown in the list).


The Vatican and Charismatic renewal.

Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR).

The Holy Father's Addresses to the Catholic Fraternity of Charismatic Covenant Communities and Fellowships.

A Gift of Healing.


A religion of the moon god.

Does Islam promote peace?

Jewish and Moslem claims to the Holy City.

Quran contradictions.


Here you will find hundreds of vintage sermons from some of the greatest preachers and teachers as well as many contemporary greats (Watchman Nee, Spurgeon etc).