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Revival or ?

Both Toronto and Pensacola.

An article by Benny Hinn.

...Quit seeking revival and seek the Lord Who will revive you. We are seeking Jesus, and when you seek Jesus, He'll breathe that mighty power of the Spirit.

Toronto blessing.

Disturbing new facts from history (by Andrew Strom).

Andrew Strom is questioning the folowing in this article:

Why do the Toronto manifistations seem literally identical to many counterfit movements which have destroyed genuine revivals down through history?

Why are such manifestations found throughout the New Age movement worldwide, and yet nowhere in the Bible?

No laughing matter: Christianity in light of the Toronto "blessing".

The Toronto deception (by a former Toronto Vineyard pastor)

Vineyard/Toronto Blessing: PRO & CON.

Brownsville revival.

Revival at Brownsville.

Brownsville revival.


Do you have more Information and/or have you been to a meeting in Toronto or Pensacola I realy want to get mail from you.

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To be able to clearly distinguish between the Holy Spirit and another spirit that imitates the Holy Spirit, the comparison on the next page (link) may be helpful:

> Distinguish between the Holy Spirit and another spirit.

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